Muhammad Talha

Investment Manager & Consultant

Founded and currently operating Lyzam Investment Management based in Sacramento and Santa Barbara. Bringing over 8 years of investment experience including but not limited to equities, options, bonds, and cryptocurrency. Previous experience also includes restaurant management and web development. Contact me for all your needs that you deem appropiate.

No worries. No problems. That is my philosophy which I stand by. When there is a problem, I break it down into its component parts —providing a different perspective that may have not been seen before. This philosophy can be seen in practice by taking on projects with a relaxed mind and taking a holistic approach to ensure the maximum preferred outcome is achieved.


Investment Management

Investing since 2011 and professionally since 2013. Founded and operating Lyzam Investment Management in 2018. Providing an avenue for clients to manage their investment portfolios at a low cost. Over 8 years of experience in analyzing companies and operating under a holistic point of view to invest in the best companies. A perspective on the global economy is taken as this global world affects everyone.

Fundamental & Technical Analysis

A necessary requirement to ensure understanding of companies. Analysis is used to project business performance and to calculate instrinsic value of company. Use of Thinkorswim software and IB Trader Workstation (TWS).

Restaurant Management

Developed a point of sale system for restaurants to allow effective management of transactions and the ability to view best selling and worst selling items, as well as full transaction details. Understanding the intricacies of the restaurant industry from back office to customer relations. Full level consulting avaliable in the operation of restaurants to maximize ticket sales. Focusing on word of mouth to create a personal connection with potential customers.

Web Developer

Knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, and Python. Developing of basic front end websites. Developed user friendly point of sale system and secure login management system for various needs.


Customer Service
Web Development
Project Management

Work & Leadership Experience

2018 - PRESENT


Founded in 2018 to manage personal and client assets

Sacramento, California & Santa Barbara, California

2018 - PRESENT


Founded club to mentor UCSB students on how to manage their finances

Leaded club to reach a retention rate of 30% per meeting

Provided club $1,000 to invest in THE stock market to learn real world knowledge

Santa Barbara, California

2013 - 2015

Wamzee, Inc.

Founded Bitcoin trading firm

Roseville, California

2009 - PRESENT


Developed website, handle customer emails, and web presence
Developed point of sale system to allow for ease of transactions
Responsible for daily operations such as register and training new employees
Serve as acting manager when owner is not present

Roseville, California


2017 - 2019


B.A. Psychology
B.A. Philosophy
Minor: Applied Psychology

Santa Barbara, California

2015 - 2017


A.S. Business Administration
A.S. Social and Behavioral Sciences

Rocklin, California


International Relations

International relations in this day and age is vastly important to understand. This global world affects each and everyone. A conflict in one part of the world has the chance of spilling over to another part. The global world is increasingly fluid with power shifting from one country to another. These changes affect governments and individuals for many years. A deep understanding allows one to make effective decisions both in ones daily life and business.


Perspective. Perspective is very important to me. I have a general curiosity in understanding how people think and why they think in a certain way. It is fasincating to see that we are made up of our experiences and each person has different experiences. With that each and every person has their own unique point of view on life. This point of view shapes their actions and understanding of different perspectives and allows one to gain new knowledge. From there this knowledge may be used in someone's personal or business life.